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How are my assets divided in divorce?

During your divorce, your financials will be on your mind. In most cases, your assets will be divided among you and your ex.

Deciding who gets what is complicated and challenging. There are a few different aspects you will need to consider and you might not know how to proceed. Here is a short guide to help you figure out how your assets should be divided during your divorce. 

Why should you establish paternity?

You are about to have a child and you are not married to the father. There are a variety of reasons why you might not think it is necessary to establish paternity for your child; for example, you may not know who the true father is, the father may have been absent during your pregnancy or the father may not even know that you're pregnant. However, no matter the situation between you and your child's father, establishing paternity can often be beneficial for you and the child, especially if you need support. 

Children can nest while divorced parents fly

Divorce is tough on everyone. Parents and children struggle with the transition from a single-family unit into separate lives, but there are a few tips and tricks to make the process easier on everyone.

One of the latest trends is "nesting," where the children remain in the family home while parents alternate moving in and out, depending on the custody agreement. It seems like an interesting alternative to the traditional style where children move between homes, but is it realistic?

Hiding bank accounts and other assets in divorce

Marriage is a partnership, a relationship that requires a steady back-and-forth between partners. Communication sounds like a simple concept but, in truth, it's one of the hardest things people do. To make a marriage work, partners need to share emotions and talk about the details of daily life. That refers to exciting things like promotions and vacations, and mundane details like doing the laundry and picking up the kids.

This also includes money management. Studies show that many couples don't talk about money between each other, and some even hide bank accounts, credit cards, debt and other important assets. You share what you own in marriage, by law. Hidden money or debt is more than a breakdown of trust. It might mean extra liability that you didn't even know existed.

How long do child support orders last in Missouri?

Divorce is not only costly up front, but it also has long-term financial ramifications, especially when children are involved. If you are ordered to pay child support, you may wonder how long the order will last. Knowing what the law states and how it affects your situation can help you plan your finances more effectively.

Methods your spouse may use to hide property

If you and your spouse are on your way toward a separation or divorce, or if you have recently experienced a breakdown of trust in your marriage, you may have suspicions about your spouse hiding assets. While this type of behavior is certainly unethical, it happens frequently, and if it happens to you, you could be at risk of not receiving your fair share in your divorce. 

Therefore, if you have reason to believe your spouse may be concealing assets from you, be on alert for certain common methods he or she may employ to do so. For example, know that he or she could attempt to hide assets from you by:

How to prevent a child custody battle in Missouri

As you face the termination of your marriage, are you worried about the impending battles you and your ex will have? When there are children, usually the most contentious aspect is figuring out the parenting time schedule.

The stereotypical scenario is parents fighting it out in court for months and getting the children involved in the argument, but this does not have to be your story. You can take steps now to prevent a child custody battle in your Missouri divorce.

3 tips for protecting your assets during marriage

As you get ready for your wedding, you are probably feeling a mixture of excitement and discomfort. While it is an exhilarating time, you may have concerns about your finances. Preparing for marriage requires tough financial decisions and awkward conversations. 

This is especially true if you have significant wealth. How can you protect your assets and discuss finances without making your fianc√© feel hurt? Check out the following methods for safeguarding your money and property during marriage. 

How to get a favorable divorce settlement

One common pitfall of divorce in the St. Louis area involves divorce settlement. Many separating couples believe they deserve to receive what they want in their settlements. Little do they realize that divorces rarely end up that way. If you and your spouse cannot agree to a divorce settlement, the courts will do it for you. 

Many divorces become chaotic because couples cannot agree on how to separate their finances. It is possible for you to get most of what you want out of your separation, but you must be willing to negotiate. To avoid leaving your relationship with an unfavorable financial settlement, you should consider the following information. 


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