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Co-parenting: Sometimes you have to get over him for their sake

Most women know how hard breakups can be. Whether you chose to end a relationship or got dumped unexpectedly, you know how difficult it is to maintain your composure and dignity when you see your ex. And it can seem like there’s no controlling your internal emotional roller coaster if the two of you share children. 

No matter what happened between you and your children’s father, and regardless of how angry or hurt you are, most circumstances require you to raise your children together. You must put your differences, thoughts and feelings aside to focus on what’s best for your children. But how do you successfully co-parent?

Dividing social media accounts during a divorce

Many individuals have heard the phrase “digital divorce” being used in various media outlets and the entertainment industry. While many might shake this off as something more insidious than it is – perhaps centering on artificial intelligence or smart home technology – digital divorce can greatly impact most divorcing couples who have shared internet space with their significant other.

How establishing paternity helps single mothers

Paternity is about fatherhood and how fathers act in their parental role. Many people seeking paternity testing are fathers trying to build a presence in their children’s lives. However, paternity testing is also helpful for mothers.

Establishing paternity has multiple benefits depending on your role in the child’s life. For biological fathers, it allows you to establish a substantial role in your child’s life. For the mother, it will enable you to ask your child’s father to take on a more significant part in parental responsibilities.

How to adjust to life as a single father

Parenting is already a challenge due to the external pressures of raising a child. However, the problem only intensifies when parents decide to get a divorce because parents have to navigate being single and co-parenting with their ex-spouse.

Unfortunately, it’s more difficult for fathers after a strenuous divorce due to the negative stigma of being a single dad. Luckily, there are ways to parent effectively and still balance life as a single adult.

Does Facebook ruin your marriage?

Almost everyone has a Facebook page. From your 13-year old niece to your 80-year old grandma, everyone uses social media networks to connect with others and strengthen their relationships across long distances.

But can Facebook ultimately ruin those relationships?

Three ways that divorce affects your retirement

Most people count down the days until they can retire. They imagine golfing, reading and taking time for themselves – without the pressure of work on their shoulders. However, divorce often interrupts those daydreams.

Divorce will throw a wrench into any retirement plan. You will experience every challenge, especially if you shared a plan with your spouse. But how does divorce affect our plans?

Four tips for handling finances with a co-parent

In Missouri, most divorces end in shared custody over children. It’s a safe option because children rely on both parents to ensure a safe, happy childhood. However, sharing custody means sharing parental duties, including financial decisions.

The thought of sharing finances with a co-parent may seem stressful, but there are ways to handle money with a former spouse that doesn’t end in a heated argument.

The hidden secrets an ancestry test reveals

Ancestry tests are having a moment right now. Between AncestryDNA and 23AndMe, more people than ever are exploring their family's heritage through cheek swabbing and DNA testing. But what happens when your results have unintentional consequences?

According to Vice, many people find secrets hidden the fabrics of the DNA. The report included George Doe, an anonymous source who found out he had a half-brother on his father's side through an ancestry test. Others reported incidents where they discovered their dads weren't their biological fathers, and it led to severe complications in their family relationships.

How to practice self-care after a separation

Ending a marriage is a traumatic event for most Missouri residents. It requires countless conversations with your ex, court proceedings and costly fees for attorneys. It's not surprising that divorce often produces a significant amount of stress.

It makes sense to take time to put yourself first and de-stress during times of divorce. Luckily, there are several ways to practice self-care during a separation.

Four mistakes parents make after a messy divorce

Parenting is one of the most difficult jobs you’ll ever have, and divorce only increases the challenge. Most parents struggle with transitioning out of a relationship and end up making mistakes with their children along the way.

Luckily, major mistakes are preventable as long as parents know what to look out for and how to approach the problem if it arises. Some of the most common mistakes parent make after a divorce are:

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