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How to practice self-care after a separation

Ending a marriage is a traumatic event for most Missouri residents. It requires countless conversations with your ex, court proceedings and costly fees for attorneys. It's not surprising that divorce often produces a significant amount of stress.

It makes sense to take time to put yourself first and de-stress during times of divorce. Luckily, there are several ways to practice self-care during a separation.

Four mistakes parents make after a messy divorce

Parenting is one of the most difficult jobs you’ll ever have, and divorce only increases the challenge. Most parents struggle with transitioning out of a relationship and end up making mistakes with their children along the way.

Luckily, major mistakes are preventable as long as parents know what to look out for and how to approach the problem if it arises. Some of the most common mistakes parent make after a divorce are:

Details to consider before taking the house in a divorce

No one likes fighting for the property during a divorce. It’s an emotionally draining experience and usually ends with more people upset rather than happy. But it is a necessary step in the divorce proceedings.

One of the largest assets people fight over is the family home. Moving is a hassle, and keeping your kids in their house is a huge benefit, but is it always worth fighting for the house during a separation? It depends on three details.

Four tips for managing divorce in the workplace

Divorce affects all aspects of our life including our relationships, family and our homes; so it’s not a surprise that the effects of divorce often bleeds into our workplaces. But how do we address our separations in the office?

Luckily, there are many ways you can approach the topic of divorce with your coworkers, but there are four tips you should consider before declaring your single status during the next team meeting.

Visitation extends to grandparents in Missouri

When you ask a child to describe their family, they tell you about their parents, siblings and possibly their grandparents because many grandparents play a significant role in their grandchild’s life. But what happens to the role during a divorce proceeding?

In Missouri, child custody focuses on the care between two parents. However, grandparents can seek visitation through court measures – which allows grandparents to continue an active role in their grandchildren’s lives.

How to avoid helicopter parenting after a separation

Divorces bring out the worst behavior in people. It breeds an environment for tension as parents divide time with children and split half of their assets, but one of the worst ways divorces affects our behavior is our parenting styles.

It’s not surprising that many parents pick up “helicopter parenting” after a tough divorce, but how do you avoid the parenting style?

Four details to update after divorce finalization

Most couples know that divorce is a grueling process; you spend weeks, possibly months, in court to split assets, decide child custody and establish the ending of a marriage. It affects your mental and physical health along the way.

That’s why so many couples are ecstatic when the ink finally dries on the divorce settlement, and they can finally put the divorce behind. Unfortunately, it’s not true. There are specific steps you need to take after finalizing your divorce before you run off into the sunset.

Can a “sleep divorce” cause a real separation?

We all know the feeling; we cuddle up next to our significant other at night and try to drift off. However, your partner’s tossing and turning keep you up all night long. Or maybe you are the one keeping your spouse up with loud snoring or restless legs.

It’s a common issue that most couples have. And without a good night sleep, it affects how you approach your relationship. That’s why more married couples consider a “sleep divorce” – a shared decision where couples sleep in separate beds.

Five tips for finding the perfect daycare

There are so many significant issues to face after a divorce. You have to think about dividing your assets, adjusting to less time with your children and finding a new place to live. All these large concerns often overshadow the small details, like what daycare to use.

There are ways to find a childcare provider effectively and quickly. You need to know what to look for and how to spot problems in a daycare environment. Luckily, there are strategies that single parents can use to find the right daycare for their family, including:

Legal issues to considers before deciding to divorce

If you are separated from your spouse or feeling ready to ask for a divorce, you’ll soon need to have a very difficult conversation with your spouse. However, before broaching the subject of divorce, it may be wise to consider the potential legal consequences of the announcement.

Before deciding to tell your spouse you’ve decided to divorce, consider the following legal issues that could result.

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