Paternity Actions

Missouri family law judges don't care whether you were in a committed domestic relationship or simply had a one-night stand that produced a child. Under the law, a man fathering a child has a legal obligation to financially support the care, upbringing and well-being of his child. Along with that obligation comes the right (and expectation) to take an active role in parenting.

An Attorney Who Truly Understands The Heart Of Paternity Disputes

Whether you are the mother of a child and are seeking to prove a man's paternity in order to collect child support, or the father seeking to take an active parenting role or custody, I am ready to help. I offer men and women involved in paternity cases nearly 25 years of experience and knowledge of the litigation process. I will work aggressively to move your petition through the courts efficiently and effectively as the system allows.

As an experienced paternity action lawyer, I regularly help clients with related matters such as:

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