Is mediation always the best solution to resolve disputes in divorce, child custody or other family law matters in Missouri? If you and your spouse or co-parent are having difficulty resolving the minor details, a professional mediator can often help you see through the issues more clearly. On the other hand, if you are miles apart on issues of marital property or custody and neither of you expect to give an inch, even the best mediator may not be able to help you avoid trial.

The Courts Expect Parties To Try To Resolve Disputes Outside Of Trial

As a trained mediator and an attorney who also represents clients through the mediation process, I have seen mediation help couples bridge major gaps in their disputes. In general, couples agree to a series of sessions; each party is represented by a lawyer and each session is guided by a trained mediator. Neither party is required to accept the final mediated settlement until it has been drafted by the mediator and reviewed and signed (adjudicated) by a judge. At that point, the negotiated settlement becomes a court order and parties are subject to the terms and conditions agreed to.

If you are considering filing for collaborative divorce or have already been served and want to learn more about the mediation process to help you resolve disputes, call me, attorney Jackie Gonz, at my law office in Sunset Hills, Crystal City or Ste. Genevieve. I offer a free initial consultation and will explain the process and ways I can help.

Certified Mediation Attorney

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