Property Division

By law in Missouri, all assets and debt accumulated as spouses over the course of the marriage are subject to equitable division between the parties.

Equitable division, however, does not mean that the property will necessarily be split 50-50 down the middle, with each spouse getting exactly half. It means that property assets will have a value placed on them and will be open to negotiations (or litigation) regarding how they should be divided. Unless there is a prenuptial agreement in place to protect specific assets as separate property, there are only a few exceptions to the equitable distribution law.

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For many divorcing couples, property valuation and distribution become emotional issues as well as financial ones.

Areas of concern regarding property division include:

  • Real estate: Who gets the family house?
  • Retirement savings: How should pension plans, 401(k) accounts and IRAs be divided?
  • Securities and investments: How are stocks and future earnings calculated?
  • Business property and debt: What is the proper valuation and who maintains ownership control?

The Right Property Division Attorney To Handle Complicated Issues

After years of fighting on behalf of my clients in divorce cases, I have earned a reputation as an attorney who never gives up. That does not mean that I believe it is worth fighting over the silverware. It means that I understand complex valuation issues and how to read between the lines of a proposed settlement on the table. If we cannot come to a reasonable resolution through mediation or alternative dispute resolution, you will have an aggressive fighter on your side in court.

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