High-Asset Divorce

While there may be many issues in a divorce, when significant assets or substantial incomes are involved, financial concerns may seem daunting. Moreover, if you or your spouse owns a business, you need to work with a lawyer with the experience and knowledge to aggressively analyze the facts and prepare a solid case to protect your interests. I am attorney Jackie Gonz. I have earned a reputation in Southeast Missouri for my straightforward legal advice and aggressive courtroom advocacy.

High-asset divorces involve complex property division, spousal maintenance and child support calculations that require the solid preparation, analysis and diligence that only an accomplished lawyer can provide. I take great pride in thoroughly analyzing property and financial issues, negotiating arrangements and winning court orders to safeguard the financial interests of my clients.

Negotiating a fair property division agreement, or obtaining a resolution through mediation, can lead to a cost-effective resolution of the complex issues. However, as an aggressive litigator, I strive to prepare for trial in every case. Even when an amicable solution is possible, it is vital that your lawyer is willing to do the hard work to prepare a solid case. For instance, if business or professional interests are involved, you need to work with a lawyer who knows how to properly analyze income, business valuation and issues related to potential hidden assets.

When necessary, I work with skilled real estate appraisers, forensic accountants and business valuation professionals to handle all aspects of complex property division disputes that may involve:

  • Real estate, including the family residence, second homes and real estate investments
  • Retirement accounts, pensions and extended compensation packages
  • Business valuations and professional association interests
  • Investments, including stocks, bonds and art
  • Spousal maintenance issues, including spousal contributions imputed income matters
  • Hidden assets

My top priority is to obtain the best possible results for my clients. To that end, I do not roll over when the other party is not willing to arrive at a fair and reasonable settlement. I am willing and able to go to trial to fight for the best interests of my clients.

Talk To A Lawyer Who Will Fight To Protect For Financial Interests

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