Creating A Parenting Plan That Works

It is never easy to parent during and after a divorce or separation. Along with all the other changes you are going through, you will likely have to figure out how you can work together with your ex for years to come. A realistic parenting plan is a crucial part of this.

In Missouri, a written parenting plan is the cornerstone of your child custody and visitation agreement. This plan needs to address such issues as:

  • Who has the authority to make major decisions about the child's health, education and welfare (joint or sole legal custody)
  • When the children will be with each parent physically (joint or sole physical custody)
  • How parents will communicate with each other about their children
  • A schedule for how and when one parent will pick up children from the other parent (for example, one parent might drop the kids off at school Friday morning, and the other parent will pick them up in the afternoon and keep them for the weekend)
  • A schedule of where the children will spend holidays, birthdays and other special occasions
  • Who is responsible for health care costs, child care and other expenses

Your parenting plan may need to include many additional details as well, depending on your situation.

Let's Make Sure Your Parenting Plan Works For You And Your Children

I'm attorney Jackie Gonz. As a mother and grandmother as well as an experienced family lawyer, I know how important the stakes are. I'll help you through the process of negotiating a parenting plan that is in the best interests of you and your children. It can be hard to work out a plan directly with the other parent. I'll be on your side every step of the way and prepared to represent you in court if negotiation does not work.

Don't Wait To Get An Experienced Lawyer On Your Side

When it comes to children, negotiations can get heated quickly. It's important to have a strong advocate from the beginning. Call me to get started creating a parenting plan that works. You can reach me at 573-303-3015, or send me an email with your questions. With offices in Crystal City and Ste. Genevieve, I represent clients throughout southeast Missouri.