Meet Attorney Jackie Gonz

I'm Jackie Gonz, an attorney with years of experience and a proven record of success serving clients facing life-changing legal problems. The greatest honor I have as an attorney is representing people in a time of crisis. I offer each of my clients hope — and one hell of a fight.

To put it simply: I am an aggressive litigator who gives my best to my clients in Jefferson, Ste. Genevieve, Perry and St. Francois counties and throughout southeast Missouri.

A Fighter With Experience, Dedication And Passion

Raised in St. Francois County, I am proud of my blue collar, working-class upbringing. I am an honest, hard worker who knows how to negotiate — and certainly when to stop negotiating and start fighting.

I have decades of experience working in the courts here in Ste. Genevieve County and the surrounding area and am a very involved member of my community. I know how things work in southeast Missouri and what legal challenges people face here. I use this knowledge and experience to my clients' advantage, and I take on cases only when I truly believe I can help those involved.

If I represent you, rest assured that I am prepared to do whatever it takes to reach the best outcome for you.

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A Special Focus On Family Law And Protecting Children

I knew from the age of 7 that I wanted to become a family law attorney. Having witnessed my parents' own messy divorce, I wanted to offer people who are ending their marriages or facing child custody battles the hands-on legal counsel they need and deserve. When I work on divorce cases involving children and child custody cases, I take great care to protect my clients — and to ensure that the interests of the children come first.

Whether you need my help for a family law case or any other legal matter, you can count on me for honest answers and aggressive advocacy every step of the way.

Put A Lawyer Who Is Willing To Fight For You In Your Corner

If you're facing a legal problem, it is important that you trust the lawyer you ask to help you. I am happy to offer potential clients free, no-obligation legal consultations so that we can discuss the case at hand and learn whether we are a good fit for each other. To schedule a free case review with me, please call 573-303-3015 or send me an email.